A passion for helping others led me down the path of physiotherapy into a career that allows me to provide high quality healthcare for patients.

As a professional physiotherapist since 2014, I have gained masses of experience in the human field, mainly within neurological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal settings. 

In 2017 I studied the Veterinary Physiotherapy Masters degree at Hartpury University enabling me to transfer my human physiotherapy skills into animals. I have a keen interest in the rehabilitation of small animals, especially dogs. 



Experience to Date



My love for dogs and passion for their well-being led me to studying Veterinary Physiotherapy, at Masters level. I love being part of small animal rehabilitation, engaging with animals and observing them progress. I have experience rehabilitating a variety of dogs from working or performing to pets.  Also, dogs that present with a variety of diagnoses including back pain, orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

I am very fortunate and work alongside a fabulous team at Hawksland Canine Hydrotherapy in Wadebridge. Often animals will benefit from a mixture of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy for the best outcome.  



Following graduation from physiotherapy (honours degree), I have worked in two major trauma centres. Working at both Derriford and St George's in South London, has given me a vast amount of experience in physiotherapy. I have mainly been involved with neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation within the NHS. 

I am currently employed by the NHS as a specialist neuro-physiotherapist, three days a week. 

It definitely is the best of both worlds being  able to treat human and animal patients!